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7 Must-Have Bath Essentials For A Spa-Like Bath

How long do you take a bath? Most of our mornings are very quick and we rush into the shower and hardly take ten minutes.  Did you know that how you bathe tells you how your day would go? Your day automatically goes well if you start your morning by taking a refreshing and soothing bath. Many of us relax and take a bath in the spa but not all of us have time to get pampered at the spa, but you can have a spa-like bathing session at your home with these bathing essentials. All that you need is thirty minutes of your peaceful time and all of these essentials mentioned here.

Warm Bathrobes

1. Warm Bathrobes – The first bath essential you would be needing are a set of soft towels, bathroom slippers, and a soft bath gown. You would use it either way during a quick shower, but when you make them a little warmer, you could experience heaven. Use an iron or team up your towels and bathrobe to put them on after your shower. They will dry you up quickly, improve your blood circulation, and keep you warm.

Bath curtains

2. Bath Curtains – A famous quote says, “Eyes are deceiving.” Well, here is what happens. Many of us prefer having bath curtains that are dark in color. This is the wrong choice because the only thing you get to see in the bathroom over and again is the curtains. If there is a dark color curtain, you do not feel positive about the day. Switch to lighter shades of bath curtains. You can also go out for some peppy bright colors with patterns. Just like how you change your bedspread, make it a point to change your bath curtains regularly. This does not bore your shower session and keeps your mood up all day, and hence comes in the list of your must-have bath essentials.

Bath oils

3. Bath Oils – All of us love to have a massage. As infants and toddlers, a good oil massage happened every single day. As we grew and got busier in life, the oil massages became restricted to spas only. Well, you could have a quick oil massage at home too. It hardly takes five minutes to quickly rub some of your favorite bath oil blend on your skin and quickly take a shower. Bath oils moisturize your skin. If you feel that you cannot have a quick massage, you can add a few drops of the oil in the bathtub. This helps you get nourished with the goodness of the oil. 

Epsom salt

4. Epsom Salt – Epsom salt is another important ingredient that needs to go inside your bathtub along with the bath oils. Epsom salt has the ability to suck all the pain out of your joints and muscles. This is proven by science too. Add a handful of Epsom salt into your bathtub and relax inside it for five minutes. This is enough to heal your body pain and you will be back on your feet better than ever.

5. Bath Bars / Body Washes – All of us know that the bath bars and body washes are the most common bath essentials that we all have. What we need to know over here is what we need to choose. At times, we prefer using a random soap or a random bath wash without knowing how they could affect our skin. If you have oily skin, use a soap bar. If your skin is dry, use a liquid body wash. Soap bars tend to dry up your skin and this is strictly preferable if your skin does not dry too much. Using them on dry skin may lead to the roughness of skin and even cracks too. Make sure you prefer liquid soaps as your bath essential and choose fragrances that are mild, citric, and refreshing. 

Shower bombs

6. Shower Bombs – Here comes the most important part of your spa-like bathing session. Shower bombs are one of the most important bath essentials. They are small cakes that need to be placed on the floor of the bathroom or tub slightly away from direct tap water. As the water sprinkles on these shower steamers, they tend to fizz and spread fragrance. Most of the shower bombs and bath bombs are made of essential oils. Each essential oil fragrance comes with a list of benefits – right from healing cold and flu to reducing stress and improving your mood. You can choose your shower bomb fragrances accordingly.

Rose petals

7. Rose Petals – Adding rose petals in your bathtub is known to enhance your mood. However, there is more to it and this makes it one of the must-have bath essentials. Roses have antioxidant properties and are known to keep your skin smooth and healthy. They reduce allergies and heal inflammation too. If adding rose petals is not n option that you have, you can choose shower bombs of rose fragrance and have a great shower.

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