8 Tips And Tricks To Deal With Blackheads

Men and women today deal with a lot of skin issues that many of our forefathers did not have. This is certainly because of the change in climate, lifestyle, and definitely the food. Acne, rough skin. Suntan and many other skin issues are easy to come and hard to go. Among all of it, we have the blackheads that make way for a lot of pain when we try to remove them. While many think that getting rid of blackheads is not easy, technology and nature have some super remedies to pull them out of your skin. Before we get into the detail of blackhead removal techniques, let us first understand what blackheads are. 

Blackheads – Blackspots on the face:

Blackspots are only meant to be on the body of dalmatians and not on our faces. However, they get formed on our faces and make skin look extremely dull. These blackheads are formed when the skin is left without exfoliation. The dust, dirt, and sebum seep into the skin pores and clog them. When they are not removed, they solidify and become blackheads. The other reason for one having blackheads on the skin is when the hair follicles get clogged with dead skin cells. They appear on the nose, back, face, shoulders, and even on the hip region at times. 

Ways to remove blackheads:

Many of us have been taking all the pinch and pan to extract blackheads using tweezers, but this is a very wrong practice. When we practice this blackhead extraction process, we end up hurting and damaging the skin tissues and also make way for acne. The best ways to remove blackheads are what you get to read below over here. 

Use an activated charcoal mask:

The simplest way to get rid of blackheads is to use a peel-off mask that has all the goodness of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has natural skin purifying properties and can seep into the skin pores to pull out all the blackheads, dead skin cells, and other such unwanted particles on the skin. This can be the best way to make way for healthy skin. There are many activated charcoal masks available in the market. Apply it over your face and peel off when it dries to have flawless skin. 

Activated charcoal mask

Take the help of a comedone suction:

Comedone suction devices operate on the principle of vacuum. They get rid of pimples, acne bursts, and dead skin cells by sucking away all the impurities. They are weightless and easy to carry everywhere. Buy a comedone suction device and use it on the face and over the body and this becomes the easiest and painless blackhead extraction process. 

Comedo Suction Tool

Go natural with egg whites:

Egg whites have properties that cleanse the skin pores and tighten them. All that you need to do is to separate the yolks from the whites and beat it until it turns fluffy. Apply this over your face and let it dry. Rinse off with lukewarm water and massage with a water-based moisturizer to get rid of blackheads and have smooth skin. 

Get rid of blackheads
  1. Your face needs some honey too: Honey and sugar are the best sweeteners. You can use these ingredients to exfoliate your skin. Mix sugar and honey and rub this mixture over your face. They deeply exfoliate the skin and remove all the unwanted skin cells, oil, dirt, and blackheads too.
  2. Use a face scrubber machine: Skin exfoliation can be done with a face scrubbing machine too. A good facial scrubber machine removes the dead skin cells and blackheads from the skin pores and keeps the skin looking fresh and glowing without any flaws.
  3. Avoid too much makeup: Makeup should be a no-no if you want to keep your skin free from blackheads. No matter how tired you are, make sure you use a good micellar solution to cleans your face and use an activated charcoal face wash to wash off your face well.
  4. Steam makes it simple: Steam is the traditional skincare therapy that is known to have a lot of skin benefits. If you believe that plucking off your blackheads using a tweezer is the best way to pull off all the blackheads, make it pain a little less and the extraction of blackheads. It unclogs all the pores and keeps the skin hydrated. You get portable facial steamers that could be used to get the best results.
  5. Get turmeric from the kitchen: Turmeric has a lot of antibacterial properties and is the best cure for acne. This could be used to scrub the face and remove blackheads too. Use turmeric over the weekend and not during weekdays to avoid getting out with a yellow face.
These are some of the best ways to get rid of blackheads. Try them at home and make way for a beautiful skin that has no flaws.

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