Advantages of Breathing The Fragrance Of Vanilla

How many times did you prefer eating a vanilla ice cream over other flavors? Home many times have you added the vanilla essence in most of the deserts for its flavor and aroma? Vanilla is one of the most deliciously smelling spices we could ever come across. It belongs to the orchid family and  Many of us know this spice for its delicious taste, but did you know the benefits of its fragrance? Vanilla is more than just a tastemaker. Read this blog to know the benefits it brings to you and burst the myth that vanilla is only meant to be used in recipes.

Curbs anxiety and depression

Vanilla has a sweet-smelling fragrance that is scientifically proven to affect the stress hormones in the body and drastically control it. This makes way for a better mind and a healthier body. The fragrance calms you down and curbs the risk of you getting into depression.
Anxiety and Depression

Good for skin and hair

The essence of vanilla is delicious but the oil of vanilla is amazingly good for the skin and the hair of humans. This is because the oil has a lot of goodness in it. It is filled with antioxidants that are good for the skin and vitamin B which makes the skin glow and the hair strong. 

Relieves nausea

Pregnant women love the fragrance of vanilla because it is very sweet. The other benefit of diffusing the fragrance of vanilla near them is that it affects the brain and stops the symptoms of nausea. The oil proves to be an excellent mind healer and morning sickness reliever.

Relieves nausea

Builds immunity

The antioxidants present in the fragrance of vanilla have a lot of healing powers. They also have antimicrobial properties that amazingly help in reducing the effects of all the germs and microorganisms in the body. This is one best way to have a healthier body and a better immune system.

Improves sleep

 For all of those who are fighting and battling against insomnia, and other sleep disorders, it is very much evident to tell you that the entire functioning of the body takes a toll when you do not get a good sleep. In such cases, you need to make sure that you sleep well and do not take up sleeping pills that react in a more harmful way on your body. In all of this way, you can be taking the help of the vanilla fragrance to get a good sleep

Good Sleep

Maintains respiratory health

The respiratory health of humans can be improved to a great extent using the aroma of vanilla. The vanilla oil has antibacterial properties that help and aid in clearing the congestion in the chest and also in the lungs. The entire air pathway becomes amazingly cleared and respiration happens without any sort of problems. 

Treatment of menstrual issues

One of the main problems that women face is irregular menstruation. Most of the teens and even adult women have irregular periods or sometimes heavy periods that keep them low. With the help of the vanilla fragrance, the menstrual cycle could be positively altered and one could have regular periods every single month. This reduces the risk of having miscarriages and the birth of preterm babies in women. 

Different ways you could add the fragrance of vanilla in your daily life:

There are many ways to add the fragrance of vanilla in everyday life. Here are the three best tried and tested ways that would help you get a lot of benefits from this amazing spice.

  1. Use it in the form of shower bombs – The best selling shower bombs that you find are of the fragrance of vanilla. This could be used by all during the shower before you start your day or in the shower before you hit your bed at night. It keeps you less stressed and also helps you in having a good sleep along with all the other benefits.
  2. In the form of oil diffuser – The other best way to use the fragrance of vanilla is to diffuse its oil using an aroma oil diffuser. The diffuser with vanilla oil can be kept in your bedroom and you could see how well your days would be.
  3. Use the oil – Spread two-three drops of the vanilla oil on your clothes and keep smelling its fragrance for almost 6-7 hours. This is another way to keep yourself less stressed and healthy. The oil fragrance of vanilla is much milder than some of the oils like that of eucalyptus, neem, and basil. This can be used to boost immunity in kids.

These are the different ways of using the fragrance of vanilla. The best among them are shower bombs. Get them and include them in your daily routine to have wonderful and healthy days ahead.

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