Bath Decor Tips On Halloween

Bath Decor Tips On Halloween

It’s Halloween again, but the newly laid rules in the US because of the pandemic this year has flopped some of your most cool plans to a quarantine day. There are many people nagging about the no-parade and isolated Halloween 2020, but did you think that you could have a one-of-a-kind Halloween Day amidst all the pandemic issues? Here’s to all the Halloween lovers who are blue on this low-key Halloween celebration that is restricted to your home. 

When you plan your Halloween day at home, the common ideas that you could get is to decorate your backyard, living room and kitchen. Did you think of decorating your bathroom? Oh, yes! The right way to prep up for a spooky Halloween at home begins from your shower. Strange? So must it be! Did you ever plan on having a spooky Halloween shower? Here is a list of Halloween bath decor ideas that lets you know how you could have one.

Top List Of Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas

spooky shower

1. Get Some Spooky Shower Curtains – The first of the Halloween bath decor ideas starts with your shower curtain. It is often said that you need to buy shower curtains of light shaged to your bathroom, but since it is Halloween, a dark coloured curtain would add a little more drama in the air. If you do not wish to spend money on new shower curtains, you can pick some old shower curtains and go creative in painting some eerie stuff on it. Dabbing your hands in red paint and placing them on the curtain is the simplest way to get a spooky shower curtain.


2. Add Some Light Sets in Your Bathroom – Candle lights and bright lights are meant for essential showers and not for Halloween showers. You can turn off all the lights and get some blue or green light serial sets to have a dim and spooky lightning in the bathroom. Just make sure that the wiring is safe and you do not place these lights anywhere close to water. This can be one of the simplest bath decor ideas for your bathroom. 

Colorful bath bombs

3. Colorful Bath Bombs Are a Must – Do you enjoy a splishy-splashy bathtub session with pink, orange or blue bath bombs?  The coolest of all the bath decor tips you can try on this Halloween is to throw some green or black bath bombs into your bathtub and enjoy a Halloween shower. There are many bath bombs that come in the shapes of spooky monsters or skulls that can set your mood right. If you have a sensitive skin, you can choose to get some shower bombs of peppermint or lemongrass fragrance so that you can have some aroma in the air without your skin getting in its contact. These are the best alternatives for colorful bath bombs. 

halloween accessories

4. Get Halloween Accessories – Apart from the above bath decor tips, you can spend some money on your Halloween bathroom accessories like a scary toilet paper holder, some spooky toys that look like real insects, colorful bath bombs, shower bombs monster masks, and of course some pumpkin-shaped candles if they are available. All of these things can make way for a great Halloween day despite the quarantine celebrations during the pandemic. 

Try implementing these amazing bath decor tips for this Halloween and keep the Halloween 2020 as spooky as all the other gala Halloween parties that happened in the previous years. Have a spooky Halloween!

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