Four Different Ways To Reap The Benefits Of Eucalyptus

Do you know the favorite food of the koalas? The koalas that are the national animals of Australia live in the places that have a dense growth of Eucalyptus trees. The eucalyptus leaves are yummy and add in a lot of nutritional values to the koala bears. The use of the eucalyptus leaves is not just restricted to be a part of the koala diet. Many across the world use the oil derived from these leaves. The plantation of the eucalyptus is all over the globe. The oil of eucalyptus is used in various forms. Let us first understand the benefits it brings and then look at the 4 essential ways of including the goodness of this oil in our lives. 

Respiratory Tract

The benefits fetched by eucalyptus oil:

  • Best decongestant – The congestion in the chest can be easily removed with the inhalation of the eucalyptus oil. This oil clears out the respiratory tract and makes breathing easy. It is one of the most important ingredients in inhalers
  • Amazing painkiller – Most of the senior citizens need a bottle of this essential oil at their homes. A light massage with this oil cures all sorts of headaches and body pain too. 
  • Antimicrobial property – The eucalyptus oil is proven to have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It cures common cold, common flu and soothes throat aches too. 
  • Pest-repellent – The fragrance of the eucalyptus oil can be very soothing to humans but the pest and rodents cannot tolerate the fragrance. When the fragrance oil is diffused in the air, it keeps all the pests away from the space in which its aroma lingers. 
  • Stress-reliever – The fragrance of the eucalyptus oil is a punch of energy that you need to inhale to start your day on a positive note. It keeps the mind fresh and calms stress like a pro. 
  • Insomnia treatment – Inhaling the diffused fragrance of eucalyptus oil in the night can be the best way to relax all the nerves in the body. This promotes quality sleep and one can sleep peacefully without insomnia issues. 
  • Hair growth promotion – A little of eucalyptus oil mixed with thrice the quantity of coconut oil and a little olive oil gives the much-needed nourishment to the head scalp and boosts the hair growth. This property of the eucalyptus oil is often unknown to many. 
Inhaling the diffused fragrance

Four Essential Ways To Use The Oil Of Eucalyptus

  • Eucalyptus Shower Bomb – The best way to include the goodness of the eucalyptus oil fragrance is to include it in your shower as a shower fizzer. You get the shower fizzies of eucalyptus fragrance in the US Market. In case you want to make it at home, it can be done very easily. All you need is a little eucalyptus oil, green food color and a cup of cornstarch. Mix these ingredients in a bowl until you get a crumbly mixture. Take an ice cube tray and start filling it with this mixture. After this is done, let it dry. Use them in your showers by placing them under indirect tap water and have an aromatic and refreshing bath. 
  • Eucalyptus Steam – The eucalyptus steam is one of the most essential precautions to prevent corona or any flu of that sort. Add over 20 drops of the oil of eucalyptus and over 20 drops of the oil of the tea tree in water and heat it until steam vapors evaporate from it. Take the steam and remain healthy. This is one of the best medicines for sinus that you can try out at home. 
  • Eucalyptus Cold Relief – Cold and sore throat could appear in some sensitive people who just eat ice cream on a hot sunny day. The simplest and immediate cold relief could be brought by the usage of eucalyptus oil. Take over 8 drops of eucalyptus oil and mix it with 6 drops of rosemary oil and peppermint oil each. Take this oil mixture on your hand and rub it on the chest, neck back and on the nose. Dilute it with coconut oil for children and apply it to them for cold relief.
  • Eucalyptus Oil In Diffuser – The fragrance of the eucalyptus oil when spread across your home keeps your mind calm and cool, curbs sleep issues, keeps pests away and inhibits all the infections that are caused by microbes. Get an aromatic oil diffuser machine to pour a little of this oil into it and keep your surroundings with this fragrance lingering around. 

These are the four ways that you could implement using the eucalyptus oil in your daily routine to stay healthy and free from all sorts of infections that could make you sick.

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