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How A Shower Bomb Makes Your Shower Better

Many in the United States have been using bath bombs when they get into their bathtubs for a foaming and nourishing bath. Some even use the bath bombs in their bathtubs to energizes themselves with the best bath bombs and have a wonderful shower experience. Well, not every day can include a shower in the bathtub due to time constraints. What is a shower if it does not energize you? If you do not have the time to take a bath in a bathtub or do not have a bathtub at your home, you can still experience a pleasing aroma in your bathroom with shower bombs

What Shower Bombs Are:

shower bomb

Shower bombs are as good as bath bombs in many ways. Like how the bath bombs fizz in the bathtub’s water, the shower bombs fizz on the bathroom floor when they are dampened by water. The main idea of including a shower bomb in the bath is to have the pleasant aroma of essential oils all through your bath. Their fragrance has a lot of healing properties and benefits for humans and having them as a part of showers are

Why you should include a shower bomb during your shower time:

There are many reasons behind including a shower bomb made up of natural oils in your shower. Some of the most beneficial uses of shower bombs are listed below. 


Refreshes – The fragrances that diffuse from the natural shower bombs are very refreshing. They leave you energized when you breathe in the aroma and keep you feeling fresh all day.


Distressed – Many natural shower bombs have essential oils that have the property of reducing stress, anxiety, and mood swings. Shower with shower steamers posts a massive tiring day at work brings excellent relief and works as a stress-buster.

Increases focus

Increases Focus – Oils like sweet orange and lavender are the oils that help one alert and concentrate better in their work. When you spread the fragrance of these oils in the form of natural shower steamers, you tend to. 

Boosts immunity

Boosts Immunity – Oils like that of eucalyptus, basil, and tea tree have anti-microbial properties and boost humans’ immunity. Their fragrances are nothing less, and when you use this in your showers in the form of natural shower bombs, they keep the immune system strong and healthy. 

Curbs nausea

Curbs Nausea – Nausea and morning sickness is a common symptom of most women during their pregnancy. Using shower bombs that are made of peppermint oil or lemongrass oil can curb nausea and vomiting effectively. It also has the ability to keep the mood swings of women who are pregnant low.

Are both bath and shower bombs the same?

Many think that bath bombs and shower bombs are the same, but there are a few differences between them. The bath bombs have less essential oil levels and have compounds that are good for the skin. Shower bombs have more essential oil levels in them, and the high essential oil levels can be irritating to sensitive skin. 

How to rightly use a shower bomb:

The bath bombs can be thrown into the water in the bathtub and you and see it foaming and bubbling, but using the shower bomb is quite different. The natural shower bombs tend to melt very quickly if you do not use it the right way. Here is how you use it appropriately. 

  • You can use the shower bomb before bath so that it’s fragrance and aroma lingers around you when you are taking a shower. 
  • Place the natural shower bomb a little away from tap water where the water falling on it just drizzles and dampens it. 
  • Do not place it under direct tap water or pour water directly on it. If you pour water directly, the shower bomb disintegrates quickly and the fragrance will not last long. 
  • As the water drizzles over the shower bomb and gets damp, it begins to melt and diffuse the aroma of the oil it is made of. 
  • Use one shower bomb or two of it if you want to enjoy a good aromatherapy session while bathing. 
  • If your skin is allergic to essential oils, do not use the shower bomb in your bathtub. 

These are the simple and best ways to use natural aroma shower bombs. Shower bombs are good and can be used by people of all ages too. You can include this in the bathing session of your toddlers and watch them feel energetic. 

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