How To Identify The Best Beard Straightener For You

Beard BalmBeard grooming is an activity that many of us look at as a chore. However, with the right tools, beard grooming can also be fun and easy. Having the right beard straightener can give you a sense of fulfillment at the end of your beard grooming sessions.

We are judged on a regular basis on the way we look. The first impression makes the strongest remark of ourselves. However, looking good comes at the cost of time and money. We need to make an appointment with a barber to groom ourselves. But with the help of a good beard straightener, we are able to look our best on a consistent basis and the beard styler you pick makes the process easier or enjoyable.

Labels to look for while buying a beard straightener

Anti-Scald Teeth:

In the beard brush, electrified teeth are placed between regular teeth to smoothen hair with every brush stroke. The longest teeth must be close to 1 inch so that the heated beard brush doesn’t come in direct contact with your face.

Adjustable Temperature:

Different hair require different temperatures. The best beard straighteners come with a variety of options so that you are able to modify the temperature settings to suit your hair. Regardless, it is recommended that you must gradually work your way up to the high heat settings. Do not directly jump to high-temperature settings. The following temperature settings can be used:

  • ≤300°F – Fine or chemically treated hair
  • 300-380°F – Regular hair
  • >350°F – Thick, coarse or extra curly hair

Heat Protection:

Ceramic or ionic technology is commonly found in hair heated styling appliances. Ceramic distributes heat evenly and warms up quickly. Ionic technology neutralizes the positive ions which prevents frizz and fly-aways.

Temperature Indicator:

It is essential to know when your hair styler is prepared, thus, having a temperature indicator will be beneficial. The optimal beard straightener will have either a light or sound indicator that notifies when the desired temperature has been reached.

Swivel Cord:

A fixed coil could slow down your bread straightening process as they get tangled quickly. A fixed cord will also limit your movement and make it harder for you to reach certain angles. Having a swivel cord will offer a higher range of movement without tangling your cord.

Wide Beard Brush:

Having a wider beard brusher, whose width ranges between 1.5 – 2 inches, will help you maximize hair coverage with each brushstroke. This will make styling the curliest, longest, and thickest of beards easy and less of a chore.

Price Point:

If you could find a beard straightener that fulfills all the features listed above and fits within a price range of $25-40, it would be the perfect beard straightener.

How To Use A Beard Straightener

Beard straightening using a beard straightener can be kept as simple as brushing your hair but when done correctly, you could improve the health of your hair and maintain it for longer periods of time. Before using the beard straightener on your hair, you can use the following products in order to improve the efficiency of beard straighteners.

Beard Heat Protectant:

While straightening your hair with any styler, your hair comes in contact with heat. Therefore, before straightening, you should use a beard heat protectant such as the Argan oil to condition your hair and get better results.

Beard Balm:

After straightening your beard, you could use a beard balm to keep your beard together for longer periods of time. This will reduce the frequency at which you use a beard straightener.

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