Mental Health Benefits Of Lavender Oil

Lesser-Known Mental Health Benefits Of Lavender Oil

We all know that the smell of fresh grass and flowers feels excellent because it has a magnificent effect on your brain’s emotional resilience. Would you much rather prefer a psychotropic drug with million side-effects or place faith in the goodness of nature’s bountiful fragrances? Slowly, but surely, the wonder of nature’s blessings can banish depression for good.

Aromatherapy does precisely that, with the help of essential oils. Many studies prove the psycho-aromatherapy benefits of essential oils. The Crown jewel amongst them is Lavender Essential Oil. The lavender essential oil has a magical effect on reducing stress, relieving anxiety, and acts as an anti-depressing fragrance.

Mental Health Benefits of Lavender Oil

A whopping 18% of the USA’s population is impacted by mental anxiety and other mental disorders. Now, if that number were to increase, imagine the vast damage that would ensue if each one were on harsh psychotropic drugs and antidepressants?

Cue aromatherapy! The best known essential oil that steadily heals depression and stress is the lavender essential oil. 

5 Incredible Lavender Oil Benefits

Brace yourself because once you know about the benefits of lavender oil, it’s hard to go back!


Anxiety, No More!

Lavender essential oil has proven beneficial, anti-stress properties that help relax and ease the mind. Several studies have demonstrated that lavender oil helps post-partum depression and daily stress, only by indulging in inhaling its aroma for 15 minutes, twice a week. In a month, the benefits of lavender essential oils will surface and anxiety levels are drastically reduced.


Cut Ties With Insomnia

One of the significant triggers of depression is poor sleep patterns. A proper night routine, coupled with lavender oil, will calm your nerves before your head hits the pillow. Enjoy an essential oil lavender shower with Fragaroma Aromatherapy Shower Bombs just before you sleep and wake up with a glow like never before! 

You could also dab a few drops of lavender essential oil on either side of your pillowcase and lull yourself to sleep with its calming effect.


Takes Care of Your Gut!

Call it gut instinct or not, but it does not take a genius to link poor eating patterns with unstable moods and mental agitations. We are what we eat, but when and how much we also eat matters. Lavender oil helps stimulate the production of bile and gastric juices needed for timely digestion. By ingesting a tiny amount, it does wonders on the inside so that you feel great on the outside!


Kin To Your Skin!

You read that right, lavender essential oil is like family to your skin. When topically applied indirectly via beauty products, it cures skin rashes, eczema, heals tissue scars, insect bites, and itchy skin in general. In a world where physical appearance takes precedence over the heart’s texture, mental health issues about body image abound in millions! Use lavender oil to set that straight. But also remember that you’re more than the condition of your skin!

Good Mood Coup

The Good Mood Coup

No matter how upset you are, adding a drop of lavender essential oil to your tea, or 10 drops to a foot soak will uplift your mood within minutes! Lavender oil has plenty of health benefits and uses, but it works primarily to turn your frown upside down! Welcome this natural aromatherapeutic oil into your life and watch how you move from depressed to well-rested in no time!

Lavender Essential Oil

Side Effects Of Lavender Essential Oil

While its benefits are in plentiful amounts, lavender essential oil can cause different side effects depending on one’s sensitivities and allergies. If you experience vomiting, itching, nausea, or headaches after using this oil, it is ideal to discontinue using it immediately. Never ingest the oil unless you have a doctor’s go ahead. 


Other Ways To Combat Depression

Never has there been a shortage of things to do in this world of plenty! If you’ve tried a few ways to heal your mental state of mind, you know that there are loads of other ways to fall back on if plan A to F fails. You could:

  • Go for regular walks
  • Join a book club
  • Socialize on weekends
  • Paint
  • Make a list of what you would do if you were a child and go about doing them!
  • Sit in nature and meditate, talk to the birds and animals!
  • Dance
  • Listen to a great TED talk of someone who overcame a similar problem you’re currently going through. 
  • Share a funny quote with your friend
  • Visit family
  • Buy a lovely diary and journal
  • Be charitable
  • Clean your living space/ rearrange, must we go on?

Find the things that make you smile and do them religiously with gusto! We are all given the gift of choice. Make a conscious decision to get out of a funk even if we did not choose to enter one. Take care of yourself, and the world takes care of you.

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