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Reasons Why You Should Have A Long Beard

The No-Shave November which was practiced by most of the men worldwide gave rise to a new long beard look for most of the men. Some of them even made it their signature. Many of them grow long beards and many of them find it hard to maintain a beard. They settle down with a clean shave or a stubble. Apart from making a man look more stylish and manly, there are many advantages of growing a beard. This blog is all about the benefits you can have with a beard and the best ways to grown and maintain a long beard. Read this and get all prepped up to have no shave days ahead.  Prevents Suntan – Beards are the best sun protectors. The UV rays of the sun struggle to hit your skin while seeping through your well-grown beard. Women cover themselves and protect their faces from the sun with a scarf or a hat, but men can grow their beards to protect their skin tone. Prevents Acne – Did you know that shaving makes way for acne? Yes! The more you shave, the more your acne spreads. The blades of the razor burst your pimples and spread the pus and bacteria to the nearby skin pores. This makes way for more such pimples and acne outbursts that widen your skin pores and make you have an uneven skin. When you grow your beard and do not shave, the acne do not spread and go away on its own. The beard also can cover up the hidden acne and its scars underneath it. Hides Your Flaws – The face of men is rough and has more freckles, pimples, dark spots, and huge skin pores. All of this makes the skin look rougher. The best way to hide them off is is by growing a good beard. Your beard hides all the skin flaws and makes you look smart and handsome.  Keeps You Looking Young – Many men get wrinkled skin in the facial region. The best way to hide them is by having a french beard or a fully grown beard. The wrinkles get hidden and you will look over a decade younger than you actually are. Keeps your Skin Hydrated – Since the skin pores are wide, the skin becomes very dry. Hen you have a good growth of beard on your face, it traps the moisture on your face and makes way for better skin. Along with all of this, the risk of skin getting damaged s very minimally and less. Along with all of this, the skin gets good moisture and remains to look young.

How To maintain Your Beard:

While many love to have a long beard, the fear of it growing rough, curly, uneven, and even split scares them a lot. With all of this, the best way to have a good beard is to start with a clean shave. You need o massage it regularly with good beard oil. Olive and argan oils are the best for the beard. Stay away from soap bars a make sure you have a beard straightening brush at home. The beard brush is a beard straightener that helps you keep your beard long, smooth, straight, and well-groomed. It can make a handsome hulk look like a gentleman. Get the beard brush and plan to look at your best with a long beard.

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