Shower Bombs – An Perfect Essential For A Perfect Bathing Experience

Things Needed For A Perfect Bathing Experience

There are days when we hurry to take a shower and rush out as quickly as possible to be quick to the office and days during the weekends where we relax and make bathing an experience. According to the NCBI, researches show that the sitting, standing, and sleeping patterns of humans change during weekdays and weekends. The same goes for bathing too. However, when we do a survey, we seldom see a change in the bath routine apart from the time taken. Here is what you could be doing to make your bathing session different, relaxing, beneficial, and fun. 

Soft Towels – Prepping up for perfect bath time is a key to enjoy bathing. The preparations include choosing the shower essentials, right from towels to the bathrobes, and slippers. Pamper your body with fluffy and soft bath towels that are soft and water absorbing. Get fuzzy bath flippers that keep your feet comfortable and dry. 

Body Scrub – Are you planning to have smooth skin? Well, the bath bars that you have will not work. Soaps make your skin dry and will efficiently not remove the dead skin cells. Just like your facial skin, your body needs good exfoliation too. Exfoliation to have an emollient skin can only happen when you use a good body scrub. Get a scrub that has the goodness of cocoa butter and massage well with it to exfoliate your skin. Scrubbing will result in a smooth skin type that you have been craving to have.

Body Scrubbing

Bath Oil – Too much of soaps and water tend to make your skin dry and dull by removing the natural oils from it. Drying up of skin cells could make you come out of the bathroom by having a quick shower and not a great shower. You will get some bath oils in the market that save your skin from drying up. Pour a little of it in the bathtub and have a shower that would relax you and help you retain your soft skin too. 

Essential oils

Epson Salt – Epsom salt has it one but many benefits that you can include in your bathing session. It has the power to curb muscle pain effectively and can make your skin glow and gleam well. The Epsom salts are best known for turning the skin of hands and feet soft and supple. Adding a spoon of this fantastic natural ingredient can make your bathing session an effective one.

Shower Bombs

Essential Oils – Vegan-friendly essential oils are known to help you have smooth and emollient skin. These oils are beneficial when you add them to your bathing session. Most of them, like the tea tree oil and lavender oil, can curb the flu symptoms that you could nearly catch and also help you have a good mood. 

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Shower Bomb

The last but the essential part of your shower is the shower bomb. These tiny cute cakes have the goodness of essential oils in them. They diffuse when placed partially under tap water to spread the fragrance of the aromatic essential oil composition that they contain. These shower fizzies get the best ending to your shower session and make you leave the bathroom in a refreshed and good mood.

Make sure you include all the above ingredients in your shower session to have the best bathing session.

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