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Skin Miracles That A Comedo Suction Tool Can Do

All of us are concerned about skincare. We have sleepless nights when a pimple or a blemish pops up on our face. Since there is a lot of dust and pollution around us, getting blackheads is quite normal. Wondering what blackheads are?

While many mistake blackheads to be a form of acne, they are solidified oil, dust, and dirt particles seeped inside the skin pores. When these clogged skin pores are left unattended, they result as blackheads. Removing blackheads is exaggerating and painful if you are doing it manually. While some try removing blackheads with tweezers and bear the pain, the others do it painlessly using a comedone extractor. If you are planning to get a comedo suction tool, do not restrict it to blackheads only. There are a whole lot of skin healing treatments possible with this pore suction tool. This blog tells you how the device works and how it could be beneficial to heal your skin.

comedo suction device

How a Comedo Suction Device Works:

A comedo suction device works as good as a face vacuum cleaner. This pore extraction tool comes in the size of a pen, and it is easy to carry it anywhere you go. When you turn it on, it begins to suck all the dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and blackheads from the skin pores and on the skin surface. All of this happens painlessly and without much effort. Many skin experts recommend the use of a comedone extractor because it is easy to use and suits all skin types. Here are some of the other functions that it does. 

Skin Problems the Pore Extraction Tool Solves:

Facial blackhead extraction

Facial Blackhead Extraction – When you try removing the blackheads on your face manually, you need to bear immense pain, or pay close attention to your skin not to miss out any clogged pores. With the comedo extractor, none of your clogged pores will miss out, and you will have a painless blackhead removal session that leaves behind no scars, but flawless skin.

Tan removal

Tan Removal – Suntan on the facial skin takes early eight or nine weeks to leave your skin. In the course of time, it restricts your skin function too. The comedo suction device can be used to remove the sun-tanned skin cells from the superficial layers of your facial skin to restore and reveal the hidden glow.

Skin exfoliation

Skin Exfoliation – Exfoliation is essential for good skin, but it has its cons too. There are many ways by which you can exfoliate your facial skin. In case you use soap scrubbers, facial scrubbers, and steamers, there are many chances that you may end up damaging your skin by overusing these products. The safest way to exfoliate your skin is to use the solution device. This pore extractor does not only unclogs the clogged pores but removes all the unwanted matter from the surface of your facial skin.

Blemish removal

Blemish Removal – Dark spots occur on the face due to aging or acne breakouts. They are a result of skin damage and take a lot of time to get off your face. The comedone extractor is an exceptional suction device that can exfoliate the region of dark spots and dark patches to remove all the blemishes. With this comedo suction device, you will have a bright, clear, and blemish-free skin free from all the signs of aging.

Acne healing

Acne Healing – Acne is a common issue that everyone having oily skin face. When oil and dirt accumulate inside the skin pores, they become an inviting infestation place for bacteria. When bacteria gets in, it causes pimples and acne breakouts. The best way to keep too much sebum and oil away is to use a pore extraction tool that works like a face vacuum cleaner to keep your face clear and your skin healthy.


Anti-Aging – When you turn on the comedone extractor, the suction device begins to vibrate. These vibrations come in contact with your facial skin and trigger the production of skin tightening fibers like collagen and elastin. With these fibers, your skin becomes tight, and all your wrinkles, fine lines, and freckles fade away. The pore extractor tool can hence be a great facial massager too. 

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