The best benefits of essential oil fragrances unravelled

Shower bombs are a new concept that is added to make bathing better. Over 13.3 million bath bombs are sold in the US market every year. Every single morning needs a punch of energy to kick start a beautiful day. The best trigger you could find comes in the form of refreshing shower bombs that fizz under your tap water and ooze out energizing aromas. If you pick up a natural shower bomb, you could get it in fragrances of natural oils. Did you know that these fragrances have amazing properties other than just refreshing your mind? Here are some of the natural oils that emit fragrance when used in the form of a shower fizzer. Get to know more about the benefit of these oils. 

  • Eucalyptus – This is the most commonly chosen fragrance in the shower bombs. The oil and its scent are considered as the best natural antibiotics. When diffused in the air, this fragrance kills airborne bacteria and clears the nasal passage. The oil diffuser enhances mental health by soothing the mind and refreshing it. Most of the spiritual practicers use shower bombs of this fragrance to enhance their spirituality. This fragrance can be inhaled by children and adults too. 
  • Peppermint – If you have woken up with an irritated mood or have mood swings, the shower bomb that is made up of peppermint oil is the best trick you could try out to make your mind calm. The fragrance of this oil is known to boost energy and clear the respiratory tract. Along with this, it also improves blood circulation and keeps one healthy and happy. The shower fizzers that fizz out the peppermint fragrance can be added to the bathing routine of kids and adults.  
  • Lavender Oil – Every spa that gives you the best aromatherapy massage has the fragrance of lavender diffused in the air. This oil is known to have the properties of deodourising the air around and also emits body odors. The aroma clears blocked respiratory tracts and thus becomes an amazing decongestant. The lavender fragrance shower bombs are mainly used by pregnant women as they aid in healing headaches, nausea and mood swings. 
Lavender Oil
  • Vanilla – The fragrance of Vanilla was introduced to humankind by the perfume makers in the early 1990s. Ever since this, vanilla is considered a fragrance more and spice less. The shower bomb that is composed of the vanilla fragrance can be used during the showers that are taken before one hits the bed at night. It curbs and cuts anxiety levels and promotes quality sleep. The fragrance of vanilla is known to cure insomnia and calms the mind. A study at a famous university in Germany has revealed that the fragrance of vanilla reduced the startle-reflex in humans and animals. Besides all of this, nothing could smell as yummy as the vanilla fragrance. 
  • Rose – The term associated with rose is is ‘romance’. The fragrance of rose does not only boost the love hormones but has a lot of properties that help in improving one’s health. The fragrance of rose has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Along with this, it is an amazing stress reliever. Studies have shown that the fragrance of rose oil reduces depression in both men and women. The psychotherapists across the globe recommend their patients to use the shower bomb that emits rose fragrance. 
  • Lemon – The lemon fragrance is less of aromatherapy and more of healing. When a shower bomb fizzes out, and this fragrance is diffused in the air, it reduces the flu symptoms and heals throat infections. Along with this, studies have shown that the fragrance of lemons lowers anxiety levels and improves concentration. This is a fantastic air purifier and kills all the toxins in the air too. 

Try out the shower bombs that are made up of these fragrances and make your bathing an experience rather than just a mere routine.

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