Prevent Halloween Nightmares

Tips For Acne-Prone Skin To Prevent Halloween Nightmares

The much loved holiday in the US is finally here. Since the parades will remain off roads, there are many Halloween contests that are booming over online. The best one with a great spooky Halloween makeup gets a chance to win a lot of goodies. While you are prepping up to look amazingly scary on this big holiday, you need to always know that the makeup you do can cause damage to your skin. With all of this, you need to know that your Halloween makeup would leave your skin damaged and make you look like a monster. 

There are many who miss the actual fun of going creative and getting a Halloween makeover because they fear that they would end up damaging their skin. The ones who have an acne-prone skin top this list. If you are one among them, here are some amazing Halloween skincare makeup tips to help you have a gala time, win the makeover competitions, and have a great Halloween during this pandemic. 

How To Prevent Halloween Side Effects On Your Skin:

Use what suits you

1. Use What Suits You – The first of all the Halloween skincare makeup tips is of how you plan your makeover. Choose the spookiest look this Halloween that could make you win some really nice goodies and plan your makeover list. When you do the planning, make sure you get yourself branded makeover products that would suit your skin. Avoid using oily makeup as this could make your skin pores clog and new acne spots to pop up.

micellar water

2. Cleanse Before You Sleep – This Halloween comes on a Saturday and you may be consuming a little more Tequila considering the next day to be Sunday, but make sure you remove your Halloween makeup before you fall flat asleep. This tip is one of the important Halloween skincare makeup tips not because the one who sleeps beside you wakes up to find a monster, but for you to have a good skin texture. Leaving the Halloween makeup on your face can cause a lot of pimples and  damage your skin texture.

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Cleanse Skin

3. Use Micellar Water – The best makeup remover you can use on an acne-prone skin is micellar water. You can remove the toughest Halloween makeup using the micellar water, and if you are looking out for more options, then coconut oil or even a good baby massage oil will help you do the trick. Do not directly wash your face or scrub it with makeup on. This is one such Halloween skincare makeup tip that can save your skin by not letting the makeup clog your skin pores.

comedo suction tool’s

4. Get a Comedo Suction Tool’s Help – The comedo suction tool can be your magic wand on Halloween night. The suction pore extractor can effectively remove all the remaining makeup from your skin pores and cleanse your skin just like how it removes all the pimples from your face. This is the best tool you can use to remove the makeover and also the acne causing oil and bacteria from your skin pore.


5. Use a Suitable Moisturizer –  End your skin care session after the Hallowen with not just cleansing, but with proper moisturization too. Use a water-based moisturizer as a cream or an oil-based one would bring you more pimples on your face by clogging the skin pores and attracting more bacteria. With this, you can have a peaceful sleep on Halloween, without worrying about damaging your skin. 

These are the best Halloween skincare makeup tips for acne prone skin to prevent Halloween nightmares. Have a happy Halloween, but do not let your skin lose its charm on this day. 

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