Shower Bomb​

Shower Bomb​


  • Use these shower bombs for a peaceful and therapeutic shower experience.
  • These shower steamer tablets come with incredible and soothing natural fragrances that can help to destress and detoxify the body.
  • Using these shower bombs will transform a mundane shower session into a spa session.

How many of you have a shower in half sleep or have a quick shower for you are late to the office? Showers are meant to be soothing and relaxing and a shower bomb is an add on to your boring bathing routine. This set of 12 shower bombs comes in 6 different fragrances of rose, lavender, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, and lemon. They are a perfect gifting idea that you are looking out for.

  • 2 * Eucalyptus, 2 * Peppermint, 2 * Lavender Oil, 2 * Vanilla & Sweet Orange, 2 * Rose, 2 * Lemon

You need to place the shower steamer on the bathroom floor a little away from the tap and not directly under it. You need to keep it where water sprinkles off so that it melts and emits fragrance.

Shower bombs are not soaps. They are used to give out fragrances and are not to be rubbed over the skin. Although the shower bombs from Oveo are made of natural ingredients, use them only for their purpose.

Shower steamers are placed on the floor while bath steamers can be used inside your bathtubs and on your body to have a soothing fragrance.