Wholesale Membership with Oveo

Oveo offers Wholesale Membership as well as the direct power of purchasing natural pet supplies to its U.S. distributors, independent retailers, chains and veterinarians. We retail 100% naturally derived. If you want to deliver unprecedented quality of wonderful goods, please become a part of our community. We serve all across the USA.

Requirements to qualify for Wholesale membership

Retailers need to possess an existing, physical store location anywhere in the USA.
Service companies do not necessarily need to possess a physical retail location.
No marketplace resellers

What our Wholesale Membership has to Offer

Discounted prices for all purchases
Product images, sheets and Press
Orders can be placed by Wholesale members anytime at https://myoveo.com/ with a qualifying first-time purchase of USD 250.
Payments for all online orders, along with shipping charges, can be made using personal or company credit cards or PayPal.
Colored brochures for the clients
Product training guides, product samples and promotional materials will be provided to the members.
Emails to include promotions, press mentions, trade and education.
Immediate responses to queries on phone and email.
Listing on https://myoveo.com/ Store Locator
Mentions in the social media promotions


Fill the required details in Wholesale Membership Application and submit it.
Read the terms and conditions mentioned in the Wholesale Membership agreement thoroughly. By applying for the wholesale membership, you agree to the terms and conditions.
Our PAW Sitive Experience Team will get in touch with you after you submit the completely filled online application and confirm your eligibility for the membership.
After your eligibility for membership is established, you will receive a welcome mail from Oveo Post that, you can immediately access your membership benefits and start placing the orders.